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Cher, Sonny & Cher - The Cher Mythology mp3 album

Cher, Sonny & Cher - The Cher Mythology

Musician: Cher
Album title: The Cher Mythology
Style: Dance-pop
Released: 2016
Size MP3 version: 1234 mb
Size APE version: 1139 mb
Size WMA version: 1847 mb
Rating ✫: 4.4
Votes: 222
Genre: Electronic / Rock / Pop / World and Folk / Stage

Cher, Sonny & Cher - The Cher Mythology mp3 album

Cher, Sonny & Cher - The Cher Mythology mp3 album


CD1-01 Cher The Mythological Intro 3:01
CD1-02 Cher Woman's World 3:50
CD1-03 Cher All Or Nothing 4:53
CD1-04 Cher Take It Like A Man 4:42
CD1-05 Cher All I Really Want To Do 3:04
CD1-06 Cher For What It's Worth 2:19
CD1-07 Cher Where Do You Go 3:09
CD1-08 Cher Never Should've Started 3:57
CD1-09 Cher Emotional Fire 3:53
CD1-10 Cher Main Man 3:49
CD1-11 Cher Love Enough 3:10
CD1-12 Cher Island 4:19
CD1-13 Cher You Don't Have To Say You Love Me 2:43
CD1-14 Cher Red 3:05
CD1-15 Cher Love Is The Groove 4:26
CD1-16 Cher Different Kind Of Love Song 3:55
CD1-17 Cher Not Enough Love In The World 4:16
CD1-18 Cher Love And Understanding 4:42
CD1-19 Cher Love One Another 3:44
CD1-20 Cher Sirens 5:02
CD1-21 Cher Song For The Lonely 3:51
CD2-01 Cher Sunny 3:06
CD2-02 Cher The Sonny and Cher Show (Opening) 0:37
CD2-03 Sonny & Cher I Got You Babe 3:07
CD2-04 Sonny & Cher All I Ever Need Is You 2:41
CD2-05 Sonny & Cher Little Man 3:15
CD2-06 Cher Alfie 2:35
CD2-07 Cher Love On A Rooftop 4:25
CD2-08 Cher Walking In Memphis 3:55
CD2-09 Cher Just Like Jesse James 4:03
CD2-10 Cher Don't Hide Your Love 2:46
CD2-11 Cher Dixie 2:27
CD2-12 Cher Dixie Girl 3:24
CD2-13 Cher When You Find Out Where You're Going Let Me Know 2:28
CD2-14 Cher Love So High 4:24
CD2-15 Cher Dov'e L'Amore 3:42
CD2-16 Cher Dressed To Kill 2:49
CD2-17 Cher Bang Bang '66 / '87 4:48
CD2-18 Cher The Gunman 2:21
CD2-19 Cher The Fall (Kurt's Blues) 5:13
CD2-20 Cher Half-Breed 2:42
CD2-21 Cher War Paint & Soft Feathers 3:01
CD2-22 Cher I Go To Sleep 2:22
CD2-23 Cher Cry Myself To Sleep 2:16
CD2-24 Cher I Hate To Sleep Alone 2:23
CD2-25 Cher We All Sleep Alone '87 / '98 4:51
CD3-01 Cher One By One 5:09
CD3-02 Cher Strong Enough 3:15
CD3-03 Cher Paradise Is Here 3:51
CD3-04 Cher Take Me Home / Wasn't It Good Interlude 3:16
CD3-05 Cher Prisoner 2:47
CD3-06 Cher Rudy 3:43
CD3-07 Cher Could've Been You 3:27
CD3-08 Cher Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore? 4:14
CD3-09 Cher Young And Pretty 3:24
CD3-10 Cher Danny Boy 3:12
CD3-11 Cher Dark Lady 3:27
CD3-12 Cher Gypsys Tramps & Thieves 2:35
CD3-13 Cher Come And Stay With Me 2:21
CD3-14 Cher Dream Baby 2:51
CD3-15 Cher The Shoop Shoop Song 2:40
CD3-16 Cher Miss Subway Of 1952 2:16
CD3-17 Cher Welcome To Burlesque 1:50
CD3-18 Cher The Click Song Number One 2:10
CD3-19 Cher Pride 4:12
CD3-20 Cher Stars 3:24
CD3-21 Cher With Or Without You 3:42
CD3-22 Cher I Found Someone 3:40
CD3-23 Cher Love Is A Lonely Place Without You 4:21
CD3-24 Cher The Man That Got Away 4:12
CD4-01 Cher Living In A House Divided 2:51
CD4-02 Cher Ain't Nobody's Business 4:05
CD4-03 Cher By Myself 3:25
CD4-04 Cher The Power 3:48
CD4-05 Cher Borrowed Time 2:57
CD4-06 Cher Our Lady Of San Francisco 2:13
CD4-07 Cher You Better Sit Down Kids 2:08
CD4-08 Cher Boys & Girls 3:53
CD4-09 Cher He'll Never Know 3:23
CD4-10 Cher Just A Name 3:36
CD4-11 Cher Runaway 4:43
CD4-12 Cher The Greatest Thing (with Lady Gaga( 3:39
CD4-13 Cher I Don't Have To Sleep To Dream 4:32
CD4-14 Cher When The Money's Gone 4:38
CD4-15 Cher Love Hurts '92 5:12
CD4-16 Cher Will You Wait For Me 2:16
CD4-17 Cher Lie To Me 2:03
CD4-18 Cher My Song (Too Far Gone) 3:49
CD4-19 Cher I Hope You Find It 3:45
CD4-20 Cher Just Your Yesterday (with Georgia Holt) 1:46
CD4-21 Cher Interlude: Cher wins Academy Award 0:41
CD4-22 Cher After All (with Peter Cetera) 4:05
CD4-23 Cher The Way Of Love 2:27
CD4-24 Cher Save Up All Your Tears 4:00
CD5-01 Cher You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me 4:50
CD5-02 Cher The Music's No Good Without You 5:27
CD5-03 Cher I Walk Alone 4:07
CD5-04 Cher I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For 4:12
CD5-05 Cher Don't Think Twice 2:22
CD5-06 Sonny & Cher The Beat Goes On 3:25
CD5-07 Sonny & Cher Baby Don't Go 3:05
CD5-08 Sonny & Cher Interlude: Sonny & Cher say Hello 1:38
CD5-09 Cher The Cruel War 2:28
CD5-10 Cher Human 3:43
CD5-11 Cher Chastity's Sun 3:32
CD5-12 Cher The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore 5:10
CD5-13 Cher You Take It All 4:49
CD5-14 Cher Heart Of Stone 4:29
CD5-15 Cher My Love '13 3:44
CD5-16 Cher The Greatest Song I Ever Heard 2:47
CD5-17 Cher If I Could Turn Back Time 3:57
CD5-18 Cher Favorite Scars 4:29
CD5-19 Cher Alive Again 4:17
CD5-20 Cher Believe 5:07
CD5-21 Cher You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me (Reprise) 2:20


-- all songs original versions, some extended & mixed together
-- all songs have been brought up to the maximum quality possible with crisp sound for a greater listening experience!
-- includes rarities, non-album tracks & b-sides